18 Years of Popcorn Tradition Continues

Friends of Poteet Printing Systems receive buckets of popcorn for the Holiday Season.

January 1, 2019- The Holiday Season brings a variety of preparations and customs, and Poteet Printing Systems helped our partners get through to the New Year by sending our annual shipments of popcorn buckets. Since 2000, we have shown our gratitude and appreciation to our partners with a special holiday treat. This year, 750 buckets found their way to offices across the globe.

Each bucket of popcorn and shipping box is designed by our team, packaged with a very important safety data sheet, and sent directly to our friends. The safety data sheet plays to the jolly and cheerful spirit of the holiday.

* * * Section 2 – Hazards Identification * * *

GHS Classification

General Use: Satisfaction of munchies cravings and stomach rumblings



Signal Word(s)


Hazard Statements

Don’t eat too much, relax, just sit back and enjoy.

Precautionary Statements

Wash hands well so your work doesn’t get greasy.

A few notes from our recipients :

“We received several buckets of popcorn yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks from me and my team here in Texas. We appreciate the gifts and even more so, we appreciate the relationship we have with Poteet.”

“Thanks for the annual arrival of popcorn! I love seeing those boxes arrive. It is being devoured as we speak! Happy Holidays!”

“Thank you so much for the delicious popcorn as well as your ongoing service and quality! We will certainly enjoy devouring every bite of the popcorn. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.”

“I just wanted to say thanks again this year for always sending everyone the bucket of popcorn each Christmas. It means a great deal to us and that is the ONLY time during the year that I eat popcorn!”

“Thanks for the thoughtfulness as we so appreciate each and every kernel.”

“Once again, Poteet delivers on a wonderful holiday gift. We love working year-round with you!“

Poteet Printing would like to start 2019 with a “tip of their hats” to their important and valued partnerships. While buckets of popcorn are a highlight to the holiday season, not only for those receiving them, they are just as much of a highlight for our team; it’s a chance for us to show our gratitude. Thank you to everyone who made 2018 successful and we look forward to what this New Year has to bring.