Food Grade Inks and Coatings

PPS has received a “Superior” Rating from the American Institute of Baking for 8 years running for the manufacture of Food Grade inks and coatings. Do your customers require food grade inks for their packaging? Ask about our FOOD GRADE Inks.


ArmorKote Overprint Varnish from PPS combines extremely high gloss and high slide angles with extremely high rub-resistance, previously only achievable with UV coatings. Find out more about ARMORKOTE® by clicking below!

Custom Ink Dispensing Systems

PPS offers the broadest range of ink dispenser solutions in the industry, from fully-automatic systems to our SOK® Pantry, the most compact ink dispenser available. With a footprint of only 3′ x 1.5′, who doesn’t have room?

Custom Formula Solutions

Is a customer asking for something you’ve never heard of? Our New Product Development team is always looking for a challenge. We welcome the opportunity to develop an ideal solution for you and your customer.

GCMI Inks that perform

Hit your color and optimize your press speed with a range of production-friendly GCMI Inks from PPS. Custom GCMI formulations for tougher customer requirements, too. 

UV Coatings

Gloss and Matte, regular and non-skid, we provide a range of stock and customer UV coating solutions for coated board and high-graphic applications.

Web Press Inks

From narrow-web tag & label presses to wide-web preprint liner applications and flexible packaging, PPS has product solutions for high-speed demands on a wide range of substrates.

Metallic and Pearlescent Effects

PPS has a wide range of specialty inks for metallic and pearlescent effects, with customized color solutions available in each material. Click for more information.

Press Characterization?

Commonly called “fingerprints”, press characterizations are a useful tool for determining the repeatable capabilities of your printing equipment. When and how should you run a characterization? Ask our technical staff about FINGERPRINTING.

G7 and ISO 12647

Are your customers asking about G7 or process colors to meet ISO standards? Click below to request more information about how PPS inks and technical support can help you meet their requirements.

Brewery / Distillery Inks

Do you have brewery or distillery customers with high-moisture environments and critical moisture-resistance and slide angle requirements? Ask about our BEVERAGE Inks!

Understanding Color