Poteet Printing Systems, LLC is an independent ink and services manufacturer providing high-performance products for the packaging industry. Our experienced technical team combines the best practices of the chemical industry to create custom products for the distinct advantage of our customers. To enhance our clients’ objectives and marketplace competitiveness, we provide:

Unique High-Performance Flexo Ink Products
Technical Support
Custom In-Plant Ink Dispensing Systems
 Tailored Training Programs

Color Measurement Tools
Pre-Press and On-Press Consultations
Color Matching, Formulation, and Proof Requests
Flexo Product Development

Press-Side Support

With a combined 300+ years of printing experience, our Regional Technical Managers are available to help you get running quickly and accurately whenever needed. Our goal is to support every challenge your customers and your marketplace can hand you. Their experience level is unsurpassed in the industry. Need help? Click below!

Press and Support Crew Training

From ink handling basics to advanced color toning, our training programs are designed to provide hands-on knowledge and Best Practices guidelines for all personnel. Ask about TRAINING.

Color Measurement and Management

PPS offers a range of accurate and economical color tools to help make measuring and managing color as routine as measuring a box. Ask for more information! 

Pre-Press Consultation

By the time you get on press, how to run the job has already been determined. Does it work? A Pre-Press review by our Technical Staff can help ensure that the job is designed for success before the plates are made.

PMS Books and more

Do you need Pantone® Books, GCMI books, efflux cups, proofers, or other tools of the trade? We can provide them! Click below for more information!

Press and Pressroom Audits

Want an objective evaluation of your equipment and processes? Our Technical Staff can identify opportunities for improvement and training on demand.

Understanding Color