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Flexographic Ink Products

Poteet Printing Systems, LLC manufactures the highest quality flexographic inks for a wide variety of printing applications. We deliver maximum color performance and value to keep your presses running faster and more efficient with the accuracy your clients demand.

Poteet Flexo Ink Color

Color & Special Effect Inks

Colors, metallics, fluorescents, pearlescent, and more…

Water-Based Flexo Ink Varnish

Overprint Varnishes & Coatings

Armorkote, digital, direct food contact, glossy, matte, and more…

Ink Color X-Rite Matching

Services & Equipment

Color Management, Education, Ink Dispensers, and more…

Printing Applications for our High-Quality Inks 

When The Perfect Ink Solution Matters Most

Quick order fulfillment, ink quality, and experienced technical support set us apart from other ink companies. Ink orders and proof requests typically ship out the same day they are received to meet ink needs fast! Our flexographic printing inks are formulated with client’s art, substrate, press, and end use requirements in mind. As an AIB inspected manufacturing facility, we maintain top-notch industry manufacturing standards.

We are more than an ink company. We believe in building a strong partnership with our clients and are here to assist them in overcoming any printing challenge. Learn more about how we bring value to clients.

Quality Statement

Poteet Printing Systems is dedicated to providing quality products and services. We are focused on safety, teamwork, integrity, and accuracy. We are committed to continuous improvement, product performance, and our customer’s success.

Meeting Your Needs For Marketplace Competitiveness

Why Choose Poteet Printing Systems?

We have a team of highly trained and well-recognized experts to deliver ink color performance and value to keep your printing presses running faster. We assess your specific printing needs and provide the perfect technical solutions to meet client expectations.

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