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Managing Your Costs With Ink Inventory Management

A corrugated converter struggled with ink inventory management. This was especially true on multi-color jobs which often have colors with both small and large coverage. Traditionally, when ordering inks for this type of work excess ink was ordered to overcome set-up issues. It is not surprising to double order ink to cover for these common errors. To make matters worse the excess ink could easily be forgotten about in storage.

The team at Poteet Printing Systems had the solution.

A Poteet Printing Systems’ technical manager assessed the corrugated printing facility and recognized a simple solution. An ink dispenser programmed with the converters specific formulas was installed at the facility. Ink dispensing systems produce the exact quantity needed for the job, minimizing waste. Any excess (like what is needed to ink up the press) is weighed and the amount entered into the computer. The computer then compares the formula to new inks being made and automatically suggests a formulation that will utilize this previously wasted inventory.

Another client success story.

The client’s annual ink costs decreased measurably after the installation of the ink dispenser since little to no ink is wasted. Additionally, the ink dispenser gives the converter the ability to make changes to colors or quantities with no delay.

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