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More Than Your Average Ink Manufacturer

Poteet Printing Systems exists around the values of teamwork, accuracy, integrity, and our customers.

Our experienced team members are knowledgeable in the various aspects of the printing business, as well as the various requirements needed for different levels of products and services.

We’re not just an ink manufacturer. We use a more collaborative approach in helping you achieve your desired level of print performance with each press run keeping your presses running faster to achieve a more profitable outcome. 

Water-based Flexo Ink Varnish

Case Studies

Managing Your Costs With Ink Inventory Management

Corrugated converter struggling with ink inventory management found a cost saving solution in an ink dispenser.

Training Materials & Resources For Your Team

Printing company having a difficult time finding experienced operators found increased labor efficiencies after ink, color management, and print defect training courses for staff.

Solving A Problem Quick To Meet Your Client Needs

Digital printing company needed a customer overprint varnish solution fast.