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Armorkote Overprint

Armorkote Overprint

This water-based overprint is available in a glossy or matte finish providing a tough, protective coating. It provides an armor, high slide angle, and high rub resistance. ArmorKote is fast drying on most types of coated linerboard in direct print corrugated applications. These products utilize high solids formulations and a special resin package that minimizes or eliminates ghosting. ArmorKote OPV is supplied ready to start production and never needs pH adjustment.


  • Fast drying allows for higher press speeds
  • No pH adjustments needed!
  • Low VOCs allow for improved air quality
  • Low HAPs
  • High slide angle
  • Great rub resistance

Applications great for Armorkote Overprint:

  • Corrugated packaging
  • Corrugated displays
  • Folding cartons