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Direct food contact overprint

Direct Food Contact Overprint

Our DC overprint, direct food contact, is great for printed inside of packages that will directly contact the food. This overprint is offered in a glossy or matte finish. DC inks are formulated and manufactured to meet FDA guidelines. These guidelines include ink chemistry, work area preparation, manufacturing, containers, employee hygiene, sanitation, and packaging. Specific testing is required once these inks are printed by corrugated converters. This ensures the inks meet the standards set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Additionally, these inks are manufactured in an American Institute of Baking (AIB) certified manufacturing facility. The AIB sets a rigorous standard for all food grade materials including vendor assessments, direct contact assessments, raw material testing, and compliance with local, state, and federal direct food contact regulations.

Applications great for the DC overprint:

  • Corrugated packaging
  • Corrugated displays
  • Folding cartons