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Thermal paper inks

Thermal Paper Inks

This ink system is optimized for thermal stocks and paper. The Thermal Ink System from Poteet Printing Systems has been designed to work flawlessly on various types and basis weight thermal stocks.  This water-based ink system has proven to have excellent press stability and open time.  The ink system has also shown that it is extremely shear stable which manifests itself as being low foaming.  As with most inks, the mileage is dependent upon the volume applied by the printer but the low specific gravity of this system yields excellent ink mileage. 

Available in most conventional colors, the Thermal Ink System has been proven to work with extremely fine printing as well as 100% coverage applications.


  • Excellent foam performance
  • Minimal pH adjustments
  • Excellent viscosity stability
  • Faster production speeds
  • Very low VOCs & HAPs
  • Easy clean-up