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Water resistent overprint

Water-resistant barrier to prevent ink bleed or deterioration caused by moisture

We offer water-based overprints that create an excellent water-resistant barrier on coated linerboard. It is optimized for smearing and scuff resistance. This creates an optimal barrier to prevent ink bleed or deterioration in moist environments. This overprint is commonly used for corrugated food packaging items that may be stored in a freezer.


  • Creates a water-resistant barrier on coated linerboard
  • Prevents ink bleed and deterioration in moist environments
  • Excellent smear and scuff resistance

Applications great for the Water-Resistant OPV:

  • Corrugated packaging
  • Corrugated displays
  • Folding cartons
  • Food packaging
  • Paper bags
  • Wrapping paper
  • Narrow web using paper-based substrate
  • Wide-web using paper-based substrate